BTVisualFTP 3.0

File List

Here is a list of all documented files with brief descriptions:
BTVisualFTP_reg.pasRegistration unit for BTVisualFTP
FtpBatchProcessing.pasClasses which list, transfer or delete many files
FtpConnection.pasA FTP connection wrapper based on TIdFTP
FtpExtraFileData.pasAdditional remote file informations
FtpGuiParts.pasSome less complex GUI elements for TBTVisualFTP
FtpInterfaces.pasInterface declarations
FtpListView.pasThe ListView GUI element for TBTVisualFTP
FtpOptions.pasOption properties for TBTVisualFTP component
FtpSimpleLogger.pasA very simple logging component
FtpTransferProgress.pasProvides classes for transfer progress event handling
VisualFTP.pasUnit for BTVisualFTP visual FTP client component
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