BTVisualFTP 3.0

Class List

Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
TBTVisualFTPProvides the main component
TCenterPanelGUI element, the central component area
TDirectoryPanelProvides a panel which shows the current remote path
TExtraFileDataProvides information about remote file objects
TFtpConnectionProvides a wrapper for the FTP connection
TFtpFileCollectorCollect files
TFtpFileDeleterProvides upload methods
TFtpFileDownloaderProvides download methods
TFtpFileTransporterProvides common file transport methods
TFtpFileUploaderProvides upload methods
TFtpListViewProvides a customized Listview class
TGetConfirmationEventEvent handler which asks for the confirmation of an action
TGetLocalFileEventGet the local file name for the download
TLogEventEvent called to log internal informations
TLoggerProvides a simple logging mechanism
TLogPanelGUI element, displaying log messages
TOptionsBehaviourProvides properties which control the component behaviour
TOptionsViewProvides properties which control component view
TProgressIndicatorProvides methods to display upload and download progress
TSideBarGUI element, for future use
TSideBarSplitterGUI element, for future use
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