BTVisualFTP 3.0

TFtpFileDownloader Class Reference

Provides download methods. More...

Inherits TFtpFileTransporter.

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Public Member Functions

 BatchDownload (const IFtpFileCollector Collector)
 Download files and directories.

Public Attributes

string TargetDir
 The target directory for the download operation.

Detailed Description

Provides download methods.

Member Function Documentation

TFtpFileDownloader::BatchDownload ( const IFtpFileCollector  Collector)

Download files and directories.

Collectora IFtpFileCollector object which has already collected remote directories and files.

References TFtpFileTransporter::Connection, TFtpFileTransporter::FilesProgress, and TargetDir.

Member Data Documentation

The target directory for the download operation.

See also:
FTargetDir For reading
FTargetDir For writing

Referenced by BatchDownload().

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