BTVisualFTP 3.0

TFtpListView Class Reference

Provides a customized Listview class. More...

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Public Member Functions

 TFtpListView (TComponent AOwner)
 ~TFtpListView ()
TMenuItem GetViewMenu (const TComponent AOwner)
 Builds the 'View...' submenu.
TMenuItem GetOrderByMenu (const TComponent AOwner)
 Builds the 'Order by...' submenu.
 MyOnChange (TObject Sender, ComCtrls::istItem Item, TItemChange Change)
 Update SelectionInfo.
 CollectSelection (string &Directories, string &Files, Cardinal &KiloBytes)
 Collect currently selected file and directory names.
 SetColumnProps (const Boolean Connected, TOptionsView OptionsView)
 Set column properties.
 FreeAndClear ()
 Free items.

Public Attributes

TSelectionInfo SelectionInfo
 Gives information about selected nodes.
Integer FileCount
Integer FolderCount
Cardinal UsedDiskSpace

Detailed Description

Provides a customized Listview class.

Member Function Documentation

TFtpListView::CollectSelection ( string &  Directories,
string &  Files,
Cardinal &  KiloBytes 

Collect currently selected file and directory names.

The names are separated with CR/LF and do not include the full server path.

Member Data Documentation

See also:
FFileCount For reading
SetFileCount For writing
See also:
FFolderCount For reading
SetFolderCount For writing

Gives information about selected nodes.

See also:
FSelectionInfo For reading
FSelectionInfo For writing
See also:
FUsedDiskSpace For reading
SetUsedDiskSpace For writing
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